Tessera 416

Tessera 416

Performance improvements

  • On iPhone, insertion of images now works as expected.
  • On iPhone Sales reports now work consistently.
  • Adding Collection Type to Collections now works as expected.

Changes to Artwork Edit Screen

  1. The Edit screen has now one view only where the ability to review artworks by the current artist has been incorporated along with other details.

Changes to Artwork Form Screen

  1. Clicking onto artwork details on the Artwork Form screen now allows copying details to Clipboard.

Changes to List Screens

  1. On both list screen the option is included to check a selection of artworks then to search and find those artworks only. Making it easier to print or export a individually selected range of artworks.

Changes to Print Template

  1. Changes to print templates making them simpler to design and use.

iPad and iPhone

General improvements to usability and function of Tessera when used on iPad or iPhone.