Tessera 413

Tessera 413



Occasionally the button to add an artwork to a consignment was not appearing on screen. This now functions as expected.

When choosing to delete an entire consignment document there were occasions where the artworks attached to that consignment were not properly cleared making it seem if the artworks was still on consignment. This now functions as expected. When a consignment document is deleted all attached artworks are nor returned to stock.

When you import your artworks from a previous version of Tessera into version 413 any artworks erroneously appearing as out on consignment will be cleared.

Importing Data into Tessera

You now have the option of merging Tessera data. Select this option and your existing data in Tessera will remain as it is. The data from another copy of Tessera will be merged. Preferences, serial numbers and other ancillary data will not be imported. A merge cannot be undone and adequate backups should be made before this step is taken.