Sorting Records

Sorting Records

In Artworks the List layouts include the option to sort artworks. For access to the dedicated Sort Screen use the Sort button.

  1. Then select the Sort button

 Sort Screen

  1. Once on the sort screen click on the title of columns to sort alphabetically. Click again to reverse sort order.
  2. Use this button to choose what information is to appear in the starred column. Then click on the column title to sort the column.
  3. You’ll be given two ways to sort by Artwork ID, treating the ID’s as numbers or as text. That is if you had two records and the IDs were “F-002” and “B-006” then they would end up sorted with “B-006” before “F-002” when sorted as text. If you choose to treat the artwork IDs as numbers then the text is ignored and the IDs are sorted as numbers and now “F-002” will come before “B-006”.