Galleries and Tessera

Galleries and Tessera

Highlighting Tessera features most suitable for use by a gallery. All of these features are available to artists, collectors, cataloguers and galleries alike. Some features listed require a Tessera Pro licence.

Issue invoices

Add any number of artworks and other items. Control the design of your invoice and the way tax is applied.


Use security settings to limit access where required.

Adding artworks to invoices

Advanced range of options let you select from available editions and control the text that appears on the printed invoice.


Enter and track all payments made against invoices.



Document in detail all aspects of artworks

Multiple fields for the recording of a wide range of artwork details

Comprehensive reports on artwork inventory

Select if the report is for the purchase price or the inventory price of the artworks.

Other features

Attach any number of files such as contracts or letters to an artwork, link relevant websites, and add any number of images and videos.

Sales Reports

Produce sales reports on any date range and filter the report by category and other criteria.


Create collections of artworks to quickly display groups of artworks to clients.

Controls to speed data entry

Tessera’s Batch feature lets you alter entries in many fields at once.


Track frame costs

Retail price is highlighted in blue throughout Tessera when an artwork is framed.

Artwork Dashboard

Available throughout Tessera, where-ever an underlined name of an artwork appears, giving quick and easy access to essential artwork details.

Track artworks consigned into Tessera

Keep track of artworks that owners and artists have placed with you for sale.

Edit tax pricing

Manage text and pricing details from screens that allow multiple alterations at once.


Produce printed reports for clients and artists

Control the amount of descriptive text as well as the pricing details.

Snapshot Report: Review transactions for a specified date range

All of your clients and artist’s details collected together on one screen

Comprehensive pricing options

Includes the option to specify amounts payable to artists and owners on sale of their artworks.

Review all artworks belonging to selected artwork owners

 Pay owners and collectors on sale of their artworks

Compile documents detailing amounts payable on sale of artworks. Include tax and offset amounts payable with disbursements.