Cataloguers and Tessera

Cataloguers and Tessera

Whether you are documenting a personal collection or producing a catalogue raisonné Tessera features an extensive suite of features to help you complete the task.

Highlighting Tessera features most suitable for use by cataloguers. All of these features are available to artists, collectors, cataloguers and galleries alike.


Attach any number of files such as contracts or letters to an artwork, link relevant websites, add any number of images and videos.

Produce comprehensive reports on an artist’s works


Create collections of artworks to quickly display groups of artworks.

Add your comments to artworks

Add any number of comments to artworks. Mark comments that require attention. Review comments that require attention from a single screen.

Multiple option entries for fields

Artwork Dashboard

Review artwork details from a single screen

Add any number of keywords

Improve searching and cataloging artworks with the use of multiple keywords.

Multiple data entry fields

Add any number of custom fields for additional data

Compliant with  Dublin Core Metadata

Fields in Tessera accompanied by a star icon belong to The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. This is a vocabulary of fifteen properties for use in resource description widely used by a range of organizations interested in facilitating movement of data between organizations.

You can use these fields as you would any other data field in Tessera. These fields have an accompanying extra field accessed under the star icon where additional values can be added. Allowing, for example, for an artwork to be given several titles or dates.

The fifteen element “Dublin Core” is part of a larger set of metadata vocabularies and technical specifications maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

Comprehensive control over printing

Control the size of images and the text details that accompany them.

Extensive export options

Where required move your data to spreadsheets or word-processors.