Backing up Tessera

Backing up Tessera


Tessera can come to hold much of your important data and it’s important you develop a backup schedule that regularly saves a copy of your Tessera data.USR file to one or more locations other than on the device where Tessera is installed.

FileMaker Server and Backups.

If you’re hosting Tessera using FileMaker Server either locally or remotely using a hosting company or using FileMaker Cloud the backups will have been setup to happen automatically and the steps below need not apply.

Make sure that you don’t attempt to backup Tessera while it’s open. This can result in damage to the file.

  1. There’s a backup button available from the Home page of Tessera that can safely be used while Tessera is running to save a copy of your database to a secure location.

Restore From Backup

If you need to restore from a backup of Tessera then you simply quit Tessera and remove the existing Tessera data.usr file from the Tessera folder and replace the Tessera data xxx.usr file with a backup. Make sure that the backup file has exactly same name as the removed file.

(If you’re using Tessera with FileMaker Pro then the file will be named Tessera xxx.fmp12 but the same procedure is to be used)

If you have only backups from an older version of Tessera. e.g: You have been using a Tessera 413 and only have a Tessera data 412 file available then download a new version of Tessera from and on opening elect to import existing data from the Tessera 413.usr file.

Once you’ve established Tessera is working as expected then delete the original Tessera folder.