Tessera Features

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Throughout Tessera unlimited number of images can be associated with an artwork. Thumbnails are automatically created and Tessera includes tools to resize, email and print images.


Viewing artworks

A number of different ways are available to view artworks including views where artworks are summarised and where the user can choose the details that appear on screen. 

List View

iPhone and Tessera Pro

Use Tessera Pro and  your iPhone to catalogue your artworks. Copy the Tessera file to your iPhone and you can have a copy of your artworks with you without need for internet access. Staff in a gallery can use their iPhones to record artwork images and text details in stock rooms and storage areas where use of a Desktop computer would be difficult. Clients in galleries can log onto Tessera and be restricted to only viewing artwork collections you specify.


Grid View

Artwork viewing screens include the ability to see your artworks laid out in grid format with the option to edit the on screen captions.

Grid View


Understandable and useful tools to help you get the most from Tessera.


Owners and Artists

Tessera lets you enter both artist and owner for an artwork. Produce inventory reports tailored for either the artist or the owner. As a collector or a gallery you may own an artwork or it could be owned by a trust or other legal entity. Either way Tessera will keep track of the details.



Artwork Help

In addition to Tessera’s comprehensive online help files there’s help within Tessera for many fields.


Artwork Dimensions

Use the auto-entry options so dimensions are always entered in the required format.





With a Tessera Pro licence a single copy of Tessera can be used simultaneously by users on iPads, PCs and Macs. More details.



Keep track of who framed the artwork, who’s paying for the frame as well as the dimensions and cost of the frame.





Artworks can be placed into any number of categories helping in the search of artworks and the production of reports. As with many fields in Tessera you can add any number of values to the available drop-down menus helping speed data entry and accuracy.



Record the medium of your artwork and record how the artwork was created. Useful for artists who can store an ongoing record of details along with images helping them record the cost and the process of production.



Tessera will automatically record if the location of an artwork has altered, recording the date and location in the Location Log.



Manage multiple editions. Enter details once then alter the stock levels and track individual edition numbers. As artworks are sold stock levels adjust accordingly.


Price artworks, pay third parties and foreign exchange rates

Enter a price and specify if tax is included or is added at the time of sale. Record purchase price and keep track of valuations.

Record a percentage or a whole amount payable to one or more third parties when the artwork sells. Often the payment will be going to the artist  but you can also specify amounts payable to owners or even royalty payments. Draw up customisable documents detailing amounts payable including tax where applicable.

Use the inbuilt online foreign exchange feature to see your artwork prices displayed in the currency of your choice.



Track client interests

Mark a client’s interest in any number of artworks. Add comments and see at a glance who else has shown an interest in an artwork. Visit a client’s Dashboard and you’ll find their interests listed along with their purchases.



Tag artworks with any number of keywords.



Use Tessera’s consignment feature to create consignments and keep track of artworks.



Catalogues and collections

Create any number of collections of artworks. An artwork can appear in more than one collection and can have different catalogue numbers for different collections. Customise collections to produce documents that match your needs or move the details to a word processor for further editing. Keep a record over the years of events such as art fairs and exhibitions.


Artwork Files

Store any number of electronic files along with an artwork.



Document websites that feature your artworks. Store websites and view them from within Tessera using the in-built web-browsing feature.


Custom fields

Add any number of fields to the artwork component to store additional information about an artwork. View five of these fields at a time with an easy to use setting that lets you choose which fields are on display.


Inscriptions and other fields

Inscriptions, literature and other fields such as source and comments also available.


Import and Export

Move some or all of your data into and out of Tessera using the straightforward import and export features. Import folders of images where required. Use the import feature and add and amend details before committing them to Tessera. Find and remove recent imports where required.


Customise the Tessera working environment.



Inventory reports, sales reports, incomplete invoice reports. Tessera includes a wide range of reports with filtering to let you choose what’s included right down to the inclusion of specific artwork details and images.



Enable security and set up user accounts to give you control over user access. Tessera Pro Only.


Amounts payable on sale of artworks

Record a percentage or a whole amount payable to one or more third parties. Make the payment to the artist if you run a gallery or specify amounts payable to owners or make a royalty payment. Draw up customisable documents detailing amounts payable, including tax where required.


iPad and iPhone

Move Tessera to your iPad and continue working with a full set of features. With Tessera Pro a number of iPad users could log on and use Tessera simultaneously. Or use Tessera in a similar way on your iPhone.