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The same Tessera data file is used by all platforms making it simple to move Tessera to an iPad or iPhone or to switch between a PC and a Mac.

If you already run Tessera using a copy of FileMaker Pro, and you have FileMaker Pro installed on the new computer, then you only need to relocate the Tessera data file.

If you run Tessera without a copy of FileMaker Pro then download a copy of Tessera for the new computer environment, open the new version and choose to import your existing data from your current Tessera file.



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Sharing Tessera over a network.

Sharing Tessera requires that your copy of Tessera Pro is hosted on your Mac or PC with a copy of FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Pro is software from FileMaker a whole owned subsidiary of Apple.

With a copy of FileMaker on your Mac or PC, other users of FileMaker Pro can open your copy of Tessera remotely allowing many users to work on Tessera at the same time.

Users of iPads and iPhones can log into Tessera Pro by downloading a free copy of FileMaker Go. Many users can then access Tessera simultaneously, ideal for galleries or large studios.

Don’t want to host FileMaker yourself? Consider FileMaker Cloud.