Version 302 New Features

Version 302 New Features

Version 302

Update Reports+ Screen

The Reports+ screen has been updated with reports moved to a separate screen. There is also a dedicated screen for managing consignments and for payables. Payables are items that require payment once an artwork has been sold


Consigning Artworks


To create a consignment document the user enters the consignment screen and creates a new consignment document and adds artworks to the document.

This approach allows an artwork to be included on one or more consignment documents.

Consigned documents:

Can be marked as having been consigned In or Out.

Can be marked as Active or Inactive.  Artworks on inactive consignment documents are not considered to be consigned. This allows consignment documents to be stored as a reference without effecting the current consignment level.

Artworks placed on consignment are considered to still be in stock and will be included in inventory reports.

On the artwork Edit Screen the number of artworks consigned is displayed (1) and details of the consignments the artworks are included in is displayed.



The Payables screen allows users to create documents and attach payable amounts.

Only amounts with an amount outstanding can be added to the document.

Feature included that allows you to review the amounts outstanding for one person or all people.


Adding Artworks to Invoices

 The dialog presented when you add an artwork to an invoice has been expanded and now allows you to specify the number of items you want to add as well as allowing you to preview and amounts payable once this item has been added to the invoice.

Auto Display

Once your search criteria has found one artwork that matches your search criteria you are automatically presented with the Add To Invoice dialog helping speed data entry.