Using Tessera on different devices

Using Tessera on different devices 2017-11-16T16:43:04+11:00

Using Tessera on a single device: Mac or PC

Download the Tessera bundle for Mac or PC. You don’t need a copy of FileMaker Pro, all required files are included in the bundle. (If you do have a copy of FileMaker Pro download the Tessera FileMaker Pro file it’s all you need). Or purchase a copy of FileMaker Pro from at any time in the future and continue using the Tessera file included in the Mac or PC bundle.


Using Tessera on a single device: iPhone and iPad


Install a free copy of FileMaker Go onto your iPhone or iPad and go to the Tessera downloads page to download the Tessera file directly onto your IOS device. Once downloaded choose to open the Tessera file with FileMaker Go. Alternatively download the Tessera file for IOS onto your Mac or PC and use iTunes to transfer the file to your iPad.


Moving Tessera between single devices


You can move your copy of Tessera between an iPad, iPhone and Mac or between your PC and Mac. To move Tessera between Macs and PCs download the version for your computer to the Mac or PC, transfer the Tessera file from the old machine, open the new version and choose to import the data from the old version. (If you have a copy of FileMAker Pro then his step is not required. Jut move over the Tessera data file to the new machine.

To move Tessera from your Mac or PC to an iPhone or iPad copy over your Tessera data file. You can use iTunes to do this or any of a number of popular file sharing Apps such as Dropbox or iCloud. Once on the iPad or iPhone you open the file using a free copy of FileMaker GO available from the Apple App Store. See the section on Sharing Tessera below to understand how you can use Tessera between all these devices simultaneously


Sharing Tessera with FileMaker Pro


Tessera was built using FileMaker Pro, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Inc. To use Tessera, with a number of users simultaneously, host Tessera from one computer using FileMaker Pro and log onto Tessera as a guest from a Mac or a PC using a copy of FileMaker Pro. Users on iPhones and iPads can log onto Tessera using a free copy of FileMaker Go. Users can be on a local network or anywhere with internet access. When you have a large number of users and for more robust security features use FileMaker Pro Server. Alternatively consider FileMaker Cloud to have FileMaker host your copy of Tessera.


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