Tessera vs Tessera Pro

Tessera vs Tessera Pro 2016-10-31T18:52:40+11:00

Step up from Tessera to Tessera Pro. Now you can share Tessera between iPads, iPhones as well as PC and Mac users. Access the Tessera Pro Invoice component, track and make payments to artists and owners on sale of artworks. Tessera Pro allows you to take your artworks to the world.

Features Tessera Pro Tessera Comments
Create invoices YES No Design invoices to match your business requirements
Add artworks as well as other items to invoices YES No Add framing, shipping and other related costs
Record payments against invoices YES No Run reports showing what is owed to you at any time
Calculate amounts payable to artists on sale of artworks YES No Manage the payment amounts owing on sale of artworks
Share Tessera with users on iPad, iPhone Mac and PCs YES No Sharing expands Tessera capabilities beyond a single computer. Requires FileMaker Pro.
Publish collections of artworks to the web YES No
Sell Artworks Yes Yes Only Tessera Pro can raise invoices
Manage Artworks Yes Yes Wide range of fields plus unlimited custom fields
Track owners and artists Yes Yes Allows accurate inventory reporting
Custom fields Yes Yes Wide range of fields plus unlimited custom fields
Location log Yes Yes Logs for price and location let you see changing values over time
Production record Yes Yes Make text and image entries to record how artworks were created
Custom fields Yes Yes Wide range of fields plus unlimited custom fields
Valuations Yes Yes
Foreign exchange values Yes Yes
Consign artworks in and out of Tessera Yes Yes
Track interest shown in artworks Yes Yes Link artworks to any number of clients who’ve expressed an interest
Attach keywords to artworks Yes Yes
Attach images and other documents Yes Yes
Add artworks to any number of collections Yes Yes
Link websites to artworks Yes Yes Review websites from within Tessera
Add any number of custom fields Yes Yes
Manage frame details Yes Yes
Manage editions Yes Yes Individual artworks can have many editions all with unique edition numbers
Artwork expenses Yes Yes Keep a log of expenses incurred
Export and import data in a variety of formats Yes Yes
Mange client and artist details Yes Yes
Add clients to mailing lists Yes Yes
Attach files to client records Yes  Yes