Flick! 4.0.6

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"I fell in love with Flick! after testing it this morning. It's free to try so I recommend it. I've tried Working Artist, ArtLook, Artist Butler, iPhoto, my own Excel sheets, my own Filemaker set-up, and began to get completely disheartened. I sum it up this way: Every other program I've tried I sat trying to visualise how I could use each of the screens and tools "my way".

With Flick I actually sat oohing and aaahing every time I clicked another button! The ways I could use it were so obvious

Tina Mammoser
Artist, Cyclist & Flick! enthusiast.

  • System Requirements
  • Mac OS X v10.6
  • Mac OS X v10.5
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home (Service Pack 1)
  • Windows XP Professional, Home Edition (Service Pack 3)

  • Many other configurations supported. System requirements are the same as current versions of FileMaker Pro and are consequently subject to change. Check official FileMaker Pro specifications page here for more information.

The complete solution for artists and their artworks.

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Purchase a license at any time to access all features.

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Flick! works on both Mac and Windows. The same data files are used for both so it's a trivial task to move from one platform to another.
a. Images are used throughout Flick. Click on images to zoom in. Select to include images on reports and other documents. b. Easy to use controls with keyboard shortcuts means you can navigate quickly to relevant artworks. c. Wide range of detail con be entered for artworks with optional extra fields for additional data.
Enter detailed pricing information including gallery commission and expenses. Sold artworks can be linked to client's allowing you to keep track of sales.
Store client details and create custom emails and sales reports.
Customise reports to include just the amount of detail required.
Artists know they should keep track of their artworks. But who has the time? Flick! helps you document all of your creations and includes the ability to record a wide range of data, far beyond the basics of medium, dimensions and date.

  • Keep track of clients, manage mailouts, track client purchases
  • Pricing of artworks including gallery commission
  • Record exhibition history
  • Produced detailed inventory reports that can include images
  • Keep track of sales with the sales report feature
  • View images of artworks in a number of formats
  • Track editions of artworks
  • Create albums of artworks
  • Attach documents to artworks and open and edit them from within Flick
  • Track medium, category, dimensions and many others
  • Produce customised lists of artworks for shows
  • Add images, videos or other media to artworks
  • Colourful tagging of artworks to monitor current state and location
  • Many extra fields available to use for your own requirements